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Amazing and Easy to Make Teff Bread (Gluten Free!)

Medium bowl
Med baking pan

1/2 lb. pre-spiced or plain Teff flour
1/2 lb. rice flour
3 pkt natural yeast
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 tsp black onion seed
1 clove garlic
1/4 c ginger
4 cups water
2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt

Preheat oven for 15 min at 350

Oil Baking Pan

In a large bowl dissolve yeast, sugar, and salt in 1 cup hot water. In a blender blend garlic and ginger with 1/2 cup of water. Add this to the yeast mixture. Mix two flours, 2.5 cups water (as needed)and add to the mixture. Mix well add oil and kneed. Cover and set aside for one hour while it rises. Kneed again. Let rise a second time. Pour into baking pan. Allow to rise third time. Place in oven. Bake at 450 for 45 minutes to an hour. Stick in a fork to test. If the fork comes out clean, the bread is finished.

Can be served hot or at room temperature. Delicious!

Makes 10 servings.

How to brew Ethiopian Coffee (Ground Ethiopian Style)
Bring 1 cup of water to boil
Add 2 Tbsp coffee
Keep boiling until the foam disappears
Let grinds settle
Add 2 tsp sugar
Serve in Ethiopian Coffee Cup

How to brew Ethiopian Coffee (Ground Automatic Drip)
2 Cups Water
2 Tbsp Coffee
Brew It
Add sugar as desired

How to Burn Frankincense
Light one charcoal and place in frankincense burner (it will sparkle when lit but not flame)
Place a small piece of frankincense on charcoal
Add more frankincense if desired
Each charcoal lasts 30-45 minutes
Relax and Enjoy

Telba (Flax)

Spice Grinder

1 c flax
5 c water
3 tbsp honey

In a frying pan roast flax at medium heat for a minute stirring frequently. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Grind it in a spice grinder to fine powder. Place it back on the stove, add water and honey and bring it to a boil. Remove it from the stove and strain.

Drink as hot flax tea or refridgerate to serve cold as flax juice.