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Teff - Flour
Teff - Flour
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Product Description
A one-of-a-kind super grain

Teff flour can be used to bake gluton-free bread or to make injera (Ethiopian Bread). Now anyone can EASILY bake delicious breads anytime in there own home no special equipment required! A simple recipe for bread is available on the recipe section of this website. Or buy "make your own injera" to learn how to make Ethiopian injera.

Teff is called a super grain because it is a nutritional powerhouse. It has an iron content of two to three times that of wheat, barley, or grain sorghum. Research shows it has 14% protein 3% fat, 81% complex carbohydrates. The calcium, potassium, copper and other essential minerals are also many times the concentration in teff then in other grains. Teff is the only grain to have symbiotic yeast according to Fred C. Meyers, of the national arboretum in Washington DC.

Teff is gluten free for people with gluten intolerance.

Teff is sold in 5lb bags.

Please Refrigerate